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Companies operating today want to have the best possible chance of succeeding, and they search for the best ways to run their business with the least expenditure on their part. One of the ways that many companies are saving money legally is through creating offshore companies. These companies set up in other countries have some significant tax benefits.

Why Do People Choose Offshore Companies?

You will find lower taxation levels, which is the number one reason that people use offshore companies. Running an offshore company allows the business to defer their taxes into the future, sometimes indefinitely. It’s important for people to realize that there is a difference between tax evasion and tax havens though. It is illegal to evade paying taxes, but tax havens offer plenty of legal ways for companies to offset their tax costs.

Another one of the benefits of tax havens is the fact that they offer asset protection, so there is less danger of losing important company assets. Of course, privacy is also quite a huge factor and yet another benefit that tax havens can offer. Third parties will not have access to information about your offshore accounts, or any investments that you make thanks to those privacy laws.

Online banking actually makes it easier than ever to access income and assets in offshore companies. In the past, some companies, particularly the small to mid-sized companies, worried that they might not be able to access the company’s money when needed. That’s not the case today though. Many financial institutions in offshore tax havens can provide fast online transactions, along with all of the traditional methods of banking.

Many Tax Havens Exist Around the World

Different tax havens around the world have different levels of taxation for corporations, and it is important for businesses to look at each of the different options available when they want to move their company offshore.

Europe has a number of tax havens, including Switzerland, Jersey, Gibraltar, and the Isle of Man. In the Caribbean, the British Virgin Islands, the Bahamas, and Barbados are some of the most popular offshore tax havens. Central America has a few tax havens as well, including Panama and Belize. Even the United States has a tax haven for those who might not want to move their entire company offshore. Delaware has some great tax advantages, and is a great choice for many businesses. Even Alaska has some good tax benefits. Of course, the various tax havens are all different, and each will have their own unique set of benefits. Some will be right for certain companies, and not for others. It is a good idea to speak with an adviser about the options available so you can determine the right offshore location for your particular business.