Taxation & Tax Planing

Our comprehensive knowledge combined with practical experience acquired from years of working on tax laws, allows us to be able to meet all of our clients requirements and provide local and international tax advice.

We deal with tax planning in order to take advantage of the tax incentives provided by the law. We continually assess the changes in the tax legislation in order to provide our clients with the proper advice. Our tax consultants have special knowledge on international tax manners and can provide assistance to business and individuals by developing tax strategies that are maximizing tax benefits.

Tax Planning in Cyprus

The benefits of proper tax planning are…

Cyprus Tax Legislation

Cyprus has very favourable tax system…

Double Tax Treaties of Cyprus

Cyprus differs from most other …

Our services include:

Tax Advisory

  • Corporate tax Advisory
  • Tax Planning in Cyprus
  • Cyprus Tax Legislation – Tax advantages
  • Application of Double Tax Treaties

Direct taxes

  •  Preparation and submission of tax
    returns for companies and Individuals

Indirect taxes

  • VAT services
  • VAT refund requests
  • VIES returns

Corporate Tax Advisory

Our team of tax experts can assist local and international tax clients to manage their tax obligations efficiently.  Appropriate tax structure is essential in order to minimize global tax burden and to efficiently repatriate profits.  The use of double tax treaties of Cyprus with other countries and the EU Directives must be carefully planned in order to ensure that tax structures will provide the expected results.

Our tax experts offers efficient tax solutions tailored to the needs of each client which always remain in full compliance with the local, EU and OECD laws and regulations.

What we can offer to you:

  • Efficient tax planning
  • Minimizing taxes lawfully
  • Efficient and effective use of double tax treaties and EU Directives
  • Explanations of tax system of Cyprus and its benefits for you