IT Audit Services

As an IT Audit Provider we act as our client’s trusted partner bringing advanced expertise in the current threat landscape.

Our team of IT Audit professionals will assist in auditing IT processes and IT general computer controls, which comprise of essential components in safeguarding an organization’s IT assets while supporting data integrity and operational effectiveness.

An IT security audit, analyses individual technical infrastructure components at a detailed level, ensuring that each is functioning in a manner that reinforces appropriate information security.  The IT risks are continuously increasing with several regulatory compliance requirements mandating that IT audits be included in organizational due diligence efforts.

Our services will assist in identifying, developing, and testing IT internal controls and policies in your organization using a risk-based approach. Our control review procedures are developed and implemented to concentrate on management objectives extending from business process, to application and technology infrastructure controls.

Our main services in this area are:

  • Development of tailored IT audit plans
  • Enhancement of IT risk management processes
  • Strengthen the IT internal control structure
  • Improvement on IT and business processes
  • Increase IT efficiency
  • Increase IT value through proven, innovative solutions and recommendations
  • Evaluation of IT infrastructure security status
  • IT Compliance and reporting
  • Improvement on risk exposure awareness