Cyprus has an excellent geographical position which attracts many International Businesses. Cyprus is an ideal country for foreign investors and individuals managing operations around the world. In addition, the favourable tax regime, the professionalism and quantity of the service providers and the excellent communication system make Cyprus one of the most attractive jurisdictions for International Business.

Why to go offshore in Cyprus?

  • Economic and Political stability
  • Infrastructure: the reliability, efficiency and the quality of service provided by the legal and accounting professions.
  • Banks: the efficiency of the banking sector and the speed with which the funds transfers are executed as well as the financial credibility of the banks.
  • Communications: a very good communication system
  • Favorable tax regime. Read here more about tax planing
  • No tax on disposal of securities
  • Extensive list of Double Tax Treaties
  • No withholding taxes on payment of dividends, interest and royalties outside Cyprus
  • Member of the European Union
  • Reputable jurisdiction, not considered as a tax heaven.