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(English) Why Companies Choose Cyprus for Tax Planning

Октябрь 01,2014

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(English) Why People Choose Offshore Companies?

Июль 23,2014

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(English) Tax Tips to Save You Money

Июль 08,2014

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(English) Why Isle of Man Is a Great Jurisdiction for an Offshore Company

Июнь 17,2014

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(English) What Is a Double Tax Treaty?

Июнь 10,2014

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Seychelles Companies — Benefits and advantages

Июнь 02,2014

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VAT changes in relation to tax evasion

Май 20,2014

The main aim of the new Law the Cyprus Parliament is considering passing is to change the existing one that has inadequate provisions as to the VAT treatment in relation to the B2B transactions. This loophole in the legislative framework provided the opportunity to Cyprus Companies for tax evasion. More specifically Cyprus Companies were invoicing […]

The decision of Switzerland to hand the details of foreign bank accounts to other countries

Май 20,2014

By way of introduction we must mention the vision of the 44 countries that have set a deadline of September 2017 for reporting investors’ tax details to their home governments aimed in mitigating or even eliminating the place for tax evasion. Switzerland the world’s largest offshore financial center agreed along with other counties to sign […]

What Are the Major Benefits of Tax Haven Jurisdictions?

Май 07,2014

Large, mid-sized, and even some relatively small companies today are looking for tax haven jurisdictions where they can start and incorporate their own company. They are moving their companies out of their own countries because they want to have some of the benefits and advantages that those other nations can offer for their companies, namely […]

5 Basic Accounting Tips for Small Business

Апрель 24,2014

When starting up a new small business, many things can garner your attention and take your mind off some of the most important aspects of running your business properly. One of the areas that tend to suffer quite often is actually the accounting. Companies that do not focus on accurately tracking their bills, expenses, and […]

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